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"Undanced II"

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Original Release: 2007
Record Label: JMCA Enterprises
Genre: House, Pop, Electronica
Notes: More unreleased remixes and unreleased songs; Originally only sold on Amber's website
Track Listing:  
More Time For A Child (Pathos V2 Mix)
He (Original Mix)
Anyway (Dance Mix)
You Move Me (Funkadelica Mix)
Now Is The Time (Original)
Above The Clouds (B-Mix)
Voodoo (Orangefuzz Magical Anthem Radio Edit)
City Of Pain (Pathos V2 Mix)
Melt With The Sun (Pathos V2 Reactor Mix)
10 Taste The Tears (Ballad Version)
11 Grow Into Me (Demo Version)
12 Anyway (2 Step Mix)
13 He (K-Mix)
14 Just Like That (Pathos V2)
15 Don't Ask Why (Original)
16 The Need To Be Naked (Demo Version)
17 Fontanel (Original)

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