Due to the impossibility of keeping track of every club opening, closing, or changing names, this list is out of date and probably now inaccurate. It is provided for for your interest only. Please check your local newspapers, entertainment guides, and websites for updated listings. It's best to call the clubs before you go, as their status and admission policies can change weekly or daily.

Sant Rafael, Ibiza, Ibiza
Capacity: 4000

Bar M
Avenida Dr. Fleming, Sant Antoni, Ibiza, Ibiza

Café del Mar
Carrer Lepant 4, Sant Antoni, Ibiza, Ibiza
Year Opened: 1980

Ibiza, Ibiza
Capacity: 5000
Year Opened: 2000
Former Names: Kaos

El Divino
Ibiza, Ibiza
Year Opened: 1990?

Es Paradis
Calle Salvador Espriu, 20, Sant Antoni, Ibiza, Ibiza
Year Opened: 1975

Mambo Café
C/ Garijo, 10, Sant Antoni, Ibiza, Ibiza

Calle de Barceló, 11, Ibiza, Ibiza
Year Opened: 1973

Carretera Sant Antonio, Urbanización, Sant Rafael, Ibiza, Ibiza
Capacity: 8000
Year Opened: 1994
Former Names: KU
Type: World's biggest club; Originally opened as "KU" in the 1970s; Manumission (Mondays)

Platja de Bossa, Ibiza, Ibiza
Year Opened: 1988