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4 Strings
Members: Carlo Resoort, Jan De Vos [Jan Loechel], Vanessa van Hemmert [vocals]
Formed: 1999?
Place: Holland (Netherlands)
Genres: Dance
Subgenres: Trance
4 Strings is primarily a project of two Dutch producers, Jan De Vos and Carlo Resoort. They have been producing dance music since 1990. Carlo, who prefers to stay in the studio, has also produced under the names Carlos, Alena, Taska, Topcat, Square, and Blue Finger. Jan, who has become a professional DJ, is also known as DJ 4 Strings. Vanessa van Hemmert was the vocalist and face on the record covers until she left in January 2005.
AlbumsCharts PeakBillboard®
2003   Believe
2004   Turn It Around
2006   Mainline
SinglesCharts PeakBillboard®
2000   Day Time
2001   Into The Night [instrumental]
2001   Take Me Away (Into The Night)Sales #20
2002   Diving
2003   Let It Rain
2003   Summer Sun
2004   Turn It AroundSales #15
2004   Back To Basics
2004   Come Closer
2005   Until You Love Me
2005   Love Is Blind
2005   Sunrise
2005   Desire
2006   Hurricane
2006   Jewel
2006   Take Me Away (Into The Night) 2006
2006   Mainline
2007   Curious (feat. Tina Cousins) / Take Me Away (Into The Night) 2007

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