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Africanism All Stars
Aliases: Africanism
Members: Bob Sinclar, DJ Gregory, David Guetta, Yves Larock, Malinga Five, Joachim Garraud, Tim Deluxe, KC Flightt, Bjorn Lundt, Yvan Voice, Osibisa, Tom & Joyce, Tony Allen, NaSSau, Lekan Babalola, Jacob Desvarieux/Kassav, Shinichi Osawa, Salomé de Bahia, Liquid People, Eddie Amador, Martin Solveig, Jeff Kellner
Formed: 2001
Place: France
Genres: Dance, World
Subgenres: House, Tribal, Funk, Soul, Latin, African
A French project headed by Bob Sinclar and DJ Gregory which focuses on collaborations between African artists and European producers. While popular in France, few songs have crossed over to the American listening audience. One exception was "Summer Moon" (Bob Sinclar, David Guetta, & Tim Deluxe), which made it to number one on the U.S. dance charts in 2005.
Greatest HitsCharts PeakBillboard®
2001   Africanism Singles Box Set
Mix CompilationsCharts PeakBillboard®
2001   Africanism All Stars
2002   Africanism
2004   Africanism II
2005   Africanism III (US Version)
2005   Africanism III
SinglesCharts PeakBillboard®
2000   Edony (Clap Your Hands)
2000   Tourment D'Amour
2000   Bisou Sucré
2000   The Dragon
2000   Do It!
2000   Love Is The Answer
2001   Les Enfants Du Bled
2001   Kazet
2001   Trompeta Alegre
2001   Macumba Walélé
2002   Viel Ou La
2002   Takemussa
2002   My Beat + My Dub
2002   Balearic
2002   Soldiers
2003   Heartbeat
2003   Primavera / Soul Conga
2003   Block Party
2003   Tanzania
2003   Don't You Go Away
2004   Kalimbo
2004   Zookey (Lift Your Leg Up)
2004   Steel Storm
2004   Imbalaye
2004   Amour Kéfé
2005   Sye Bwa
2005   Summer MoonClub #1
2005   The Samurai Theme
2005   Voices
2005   Viet Dao
2006   Talibé
2006   HardClub #1
2006   Juju Beat
2007   Meu Carnaval
2007   Dakka

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