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feat. Sweet Rains
"Melt With The Sun"

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Original Release: 2006
Year Charted: 2006
Record Label: JMCA Enterprises

DJ CyberDave's Pick For Best Mix:
Hex Hector Club Mix ???

Main Club Mixes:
 Hex Hector Club Mix (9:17)  
 Sweet Rains Original Mix (6:55)  
 Tracy Young's Anthem Mix (9:48)  
 AM Corona Club Mix (7:47)  
 Al B Rich Club Mix (7:34)  

Main Dance Radio Mix:
 Sweet Rains Original Radio Edit (3:57)  

Other Mixes, Dubs, and Edits:
Pathos V2 Club Mix (7:16)
Pathos V2 Reactor Mix (4:13)
Lance Jordan Dub Mix (8:23)
Tracy Young Dub (9:47)
Hex Hector Radio Mix (4:05)
Pathos V2 Radio Edit (4:12)
AM Corona Radio Edit (3:43)
Tracy Young's Anthem Radio Edit (3:37)
Al B Rich Radio Edit (4:03)

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Extended Hex Hector Video Mix
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Hex Hector Mix
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