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Enrique Iglesias
feat. Ciara
"Takin' Back My Love"

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Original Release: 2009
Year Charted: 2009
Billboard Chart Peaks: Club #4
Genre: House, Pop
Record Label: Interscope / Universal
Notes: There is another pop version of the song with Sarah Connor instead of Ciara

Main Club Mixes:
 Junior Caldera Club Remix (5:20)  
 Glam As You Club Mix By GuĂ©na LG (7:55)  
 Jody Den Broeder Club Mix (7:52)  
 Moto Blanco Club Mix (7:38)  

Other Mixes, Dubs, and Edits:
Jody Den Broeder Dub Mix (7:52)
Moto Blanco Dub (7:37)
Jody Den Broeder Dub Mix (7:51)
Album/Main Version (3:50)
Sarah Connor Version (3:50)
Alternate Mix (3:52)
Moto Blanco Radio Mix (3:51)
Jody Den Broeder Radio Mix (4:00)
Glam As You Radio Mix (3:54)
Junior Caldera Radio Mix (3:13)
French Version (3:50)

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