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Kristine W
"Love Is The Look"

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Original Release: 2009
Year Charted: 2009
Billboard Chart Peaks: Club #1
Genre: House
Record Label: Fly Again Music

Main Club Mixes:
 Love To Infinity If Hooks Could Kill Club Mix (7:01)  
 Rosario K-Y Intrigue Club Mix (7:32)  
 Deepswing's Runway Runway Glide Mix (7:57)  
 Mr. Mig's Looking Like Love Club Mix (5:49)  
 Massi & De Leon Full-On Vocal Mix (8:59)  

Main Dance Radio Mix:
 Love To Infinity If Hooks Could Kill Radio Edit (3:56)  

Other Mixes, Dubs, and Edits:
Album Version (4:16)
Tod Miner's Elektro Hot Wheels Club (7:34)
Deepswing Classic Vocal Mix (8:06)
Rosarios K-Y Intrigue Dub (10:37)
Tod Miner's Eclecktro Hot Wheels Dub (7:20)
Rosario K-Y Intrigue Radio Edit (3:52)
Deepswing's Runway Glide Radio Edit (3:58)
Mr. Mig's Looking Like Love Radio Edit (3:53)
Massi & De Leon Full-On Vocal Radio Edit (4:10)
Tod Miner's Elektro Radio Edit (3:53)

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Todd Miners Electric Radio Edit
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Rosario K-Y Intrigue Club Edit
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G-5 Deep Swing Remix
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