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Kristine W


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Original Release: 2008
Year Charted: 2009
Billboard Chart Peaks: Club #1
Genre: House
Record Label: Fly Again Music

Main Club Mixes:
 Love To Infinity Club Mix (6:58)  
 DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Club Mix (8:04)  
 7th Heaven Club Mix (7:49)  
 Ruff & Torte Global Club Mix (7:48)  
 Perry Twins Electro-Club Mix (7:46)  

Other Mixes, Dubs, and Edits:
Nick Harvey Extended Club Mix (11:27)
Nick Harvey Tribal Mix (10:46)
Never Leave The Club Mix (7:02)
Heaven On The Floor Mix (7:53)
Backroom Mix (8:17)
Club Mix (7:46)
DJ Peter Canellis & Kamil Bartoszcze Backroom Mix (8:12)
DJ Escape and Johnny Vicious Dub Mix (6:51)
Ruff and Torte Radio Mix (4:22)
Love To Infinity Radio Mix (4:20)
DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Radio Mix (4:15)
7th Heaven Radio Edit (4:18)
DJ Peter Canellis & Kamil Bartoszcze Radio Mix (3:57)
Nick Harvey Radio Mix (4:29)
Brothers Behind The Light/M2 Radio Mix (4:50)
Perry Twins Radio Edit (4:36)

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